How GoLou Works


Designed for individuals, parents and caretakers, GoLou is a user-friendly smartphone app that makes it easy for people of all abilities to request a ride.

Rather than someone anonymous showing up, GoLou users create their own personal network of caring, trusted drivers. Each time a driver accepts a ride request, a confirmation notification is sent to the user indicating details such as: the name and picture of the driver and/or car, as well as the pick-up time and location.

GoLou Provides:

  • A trusted network of drivers

  • The name and picture of the driver and/or car

  • Pick-up time and location

  • A catalog of frequent destinations

  • GPS signaling system for the user, caregiver and the driver

  • An option for parent/caregiver notifications

  • A passenger profile to anticipate user needs

    • Communication needs

    • Medical needs

    • Door-to-door delivery

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