How You can Help


GoLou currently exists as a web application. A small group of users have been successfully using the app, including our namesake, Lou! The next step is to develop a smartphone app for iOS and Android. This allows us to provide more reliable GPS mapping, faster communication and consistency.

GoLou has developed professional relationships with a development team that has experience creating mobile applications for similar populations. Based on their knowledge, we project the following costs:

  • App Design: $15,000

  • Mobile enable API (Application Protocol Interface): $15,000

  • Native iSO & Android application: $50,000

  • Monthly cloud-based server fee: $250

  • Ongoing app support and bug fixes: $25,000

An Opportunity to Make a Difference

We believe it will take around $150,000 to bring GoLou to market. Would you consider helping us bring transportation freedom to THOUSANDS of individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities?